Love what is.

When you think you have it altogether. When you think everything is going right. When you want nothing more than to dance around with happiness all day long, only to find out you don’t have it altogether and everything isn’t going right. You see, I thought everything with my husband and I was perfectly aligned with what I desired. The only thing I forgot was to include my husband in my plans for our life.

I saw him for someone I wanted him to be. I didn’t stop to see him for who he is right now. At that moment, I realized I was pushing him to be someone he just couldn’t be. It wasn’t until he started pushing back did I realize everything wasn’t perfectly perfect!

I thank God for showing me my faults. I thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to let go, pray, and let it be. And because I let go of what I thought I wanted, I was given exactly what I needed.

Where in your life are you pushing for something to happen? What would happen if you simply… let go?