Do some people drive you nuts?

As you grow, change, and experience life, what you once valued and believed in may change. You may not realize you have changed. But something within you may feel off. Maybe you begin to feel stuck, tired, worn out, and pulled in many different directions. Life doesn’t have to be this way. And you don’t have to feel this heaviness. There are many simple solutions to getting unstuck. One solution is to find your values.  

Yes…Yes... You may think finding your values has little to do with your happiness, serenity, and vitality. But think about it! If you aren’t intentionally and purposely living your values, you could be working at a job you hate. You could be hanging around people that drive you nuts. You could be working too many hours, when in fact, all you really want is to be with your family. When you find and live your values, life is much easier and you are much happier.

Here’s secret you may want to know! If you think you know and are living your values, yet you still feel stuck, frustrated, and lost, you may be living the wrong values for YOU. You may have changed; therefore, your values have changed. It’s perfectly normal for your values to change as you grow and experience life.

I like this quote I received from Spirit, “What was once true is no longer true.”

And oh how true this saying is! Am I right?!

For me, what I valued in 2011 is no longer true today. In 2011 my values were:

1)      Freedom to be the Authentic, the true me

2)      Making a Difference Today

3)      Follow My Intuition

4)      Simply Love

5)      Exhibit Positivity through my thoughts, words, and actions


Today my values are:

1)      Freedom to be me all the time, anywhere

2)      Thoughtfulness

3)      Serenity is within me and all around me

4)      Happiness fills my days and nights

5)      I am trustworthy, faithful, and honest.


When you know your values and live your values, what you desire and who you desire (the type of relationships you want in your life) will automatically be drawn to you. How do I know this? Simple physics; like attracts like, which is also known as, for all of us soul-filled peeps out there, The Law of Attraction. If you are tired of being around the same old people who drive you nuts or if you are tired of living a ho-hum life, give me a jingle and we will find your values! Let’s create the life you came to earth to have. You deserve it!

Namaste, friends. Namaste.