Where is Home?

When I was younger I dreamed of what my house would be like, what my life work look like, what my husband would be like, and what my career would be. I never thought about where is home for me. I recently saw a sign in my mother and pops’ home that read, “Home is where the heart is.” Physically and intellectually I knew what that sign meant, but I never felt my way through that saying… ‘home is where the heart is.’ Until now…


Home is where I feel welcomed.

Home is where I can be my fun, weird, corky, spiritual self.

Home is when everywhere I look, I feel inspired and uplifted.

Home is where my soul is singing with joy.

Home is where my daughter and husband are running around chasing each other and laughing.

Home is where I breathe in a sigh of relief.

Home is where I let go and cry.

Home is where I laugh, all day, every day.

Home is where I feel romantic and loved.

Home is where I feel strong and beautiful and worthy.

Home is where I feel safe and grounded.

Home is where love remains and is always welcomed.

Home is where I give others a place to call HOME.

Home is where I give my whole heart.

Home is where I speak my truth.

Home is where others have a voice.

Home is warm, cozy, inviting, and fun.

Home is where I give myself hope for the future.


What is Home for YOU?