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Woman Up: How to Live Your Chosen Path in 12 weeks!

You no longer want to obsessively think about ‘why am I here’ or ‘what is my purpose’ or ‘I know I am made for more; I am made to be extraordinary.’ You want answer and are motivated to move forward, sometimes by fear of not being enough. You don’t want to die and not have made the impact on society, you feel and have felt for a long time, you know you are to make. Something inside of you is screaming, “Get going, do it now! I have to know! Let’s do this! Woman- up!”

Yet, something is stopping you. You feel lost. The swirling thoughts of what am I to do with my life and why am I here is stopping you from receiving the abundance coming to you. As soon as you feel on the right path or feel good about making a decision on something, you question it. …stopping the flow of money, abundance in every area of your life, coming to you.

You stop yourself from living your chosen path because of clarity blocks; the need for more information, the need for clarity, the need for more, and more, and more. These blocks stop you from having the relationship you crave. They stop you from having the job and career and business you dream of.

You stop yourself from living your chosen path by believing you don’t have the time or space to do the things you want to do; to be the being you have been called to be. You believe it’s going to change your life so much and take so much time and space to make the changes…but all this is just a way to stop yourself from living the life you came to earth to have. We all create the time and space to do what we really want to do!

Woman Up: How to Live Your Chosen Path in 12 weeks clears the blocks, it provides you with the time and space to level up, step up, and be! It gives you peace and confidence in knowing who you are, so you no longer feel lost. Your productivity increases. Your income increases, you are at your ideal weight. The relationships you want to experience are naturally and easily coming to you. Life is good!

Message me if this video and message resonates with you. https://youtu.be/368kBL3FdlA

 All you need to decide is: Am I going to woman up, step up, and say YES to ME?


Channeling Your Chosen Path Workshop

      You've been feeling like you are made for more. You just don't know what. You want to do it all...just don't know how. You want to be "all in" on life. You want to live life with passion. But you feel like something is missing. Something is just off. 

Sarah has been chosen in this lifetime to have this unique and remarkable connection to Spirit. With this connection, she channels your chosen path. 

All you must do is answer (2) questions: 
1) Do you want to know your chosen path?
2) Are you willing to walk it once you know it? 

If you answer YES to both of these questions, Sarah will share your chosen path with you. She will be available for this one-of-kind workshop where, if you are selected by Spirit, your chosen path will be channeled specifically for you. 

Imagine what you will do with the confidence and peace knowing you have been chosen to do something in this lifetime that will add value to this world. Amazing. Simply amazing.

To schedule a Channeling Your Chosen Path Workshop in your home, office or location of your choice, Connect with Us (see tab above) and someone will be in contact with you. We are excited for our time together!

Sassy, direct, to the point, and fun! Yep! That’s Sarah!

Sassy, direct, to the point, and fun! Yep! That’s Sarah!

Sarah has a gift and I will be always be grateful for her assisting me in my growth. Free to be me! Thanks Sarah!
— Susan Orneck, Palm Harbor, FL