Hello Love!

I am excited you are here and want to talk with me about how to create the spark and love in your own life.

The woman above was once where you are. She dreamed of one day laughing so hard she cried. Now… I do it daily and freakin’ LOVE who I am!

The woman above was once where you are. She dreamed of one day laughing so hard she cried. Now… I do it daily and freakin’ LOVE who I am!

Create Your Spark Program

Have you lost yourself in your work, in your relationship, in your children? You don’t know who you are or where you are going. Do you feel stuck, tired, worn out, and pulled in many different directions?

Lady Love, I hear ya. There was once many moments in my life where I thought I didn’t need anyone, I blamed everyone else for what was happening in my life, I was aggravated with just about everything that was going on… and quite frankly, I enjoyed it. It was all I knew. The more negative I was the better I felt. Until one day when the pain got bad enough and I decided to change.

I was done feeling alone in a relationship. I was done pretending to be okay and perfect, when I wasn’t that at all. I was done hiding my true emotions. I was done trying to please everyone. I was done avoiding looking into the mirror and seeing the woman I had become.

It was time to move from hateful to grateful. It was to learn who I really was. It was time to live the life I came to earth to have. It was time to feel and BE alive. It was time.

Can you relate? Does this sound like you? I invite you to reach out and Connect with Us (see page tab above) to schedule time together, getting to know one another, finding out where you want to go, what is stopping you from living your spark, and see if you qualify for the Create Your Spark Program.

While working together, you will:

  • Get out of your own way and let go of limiting beliefs.

  • Find your way back to YOU!

  • Reconnect to your purpose; your chosen path in life.

  • Learn how to ask for what you want, say what you need to say (with love!), and stop second guessing your decisions.

  • Walk into any room, your home, your office, a restaurant, and people will stop to notice...there's something about her. I want to be around her.

  • Enjoy true inner peace, joy, and happiness.

  • Re-ignite your spark for your life and your work.

Channeling Your Chosen Path Workshop

      You've been feeling like you are made for more. You just don't know what. You want to do it all...just don't know how. You want to be "all in" on life. You want to live life with passion. But you feel like something is missing. Something is just off. 

Sarah has been chosen in this lifetime to have this unique and remarkable connection to Spirit. With this connection, she channels your chosen path. 

All you must do is answer (2) questions: 
1) Do you want to know your chosen path?
2) Are you willing to walk it once you know it? 

If you answer YES to both of these questions, Sarah will share your chosen path with you. She will be available for this one-of-kind workshop where, if you are selected by Spirit, your chosen path will be channeled specifically for you. 

Imagine what you will do with the confidence and peace knowing you have been chosen to do something in this lifetime that will add value to this world. Amazing. Simply amazing.

To schedule a Channeling Your Chosen Path Workshop in your home, office or location of your choice, Connect with Us (see tab above) and someone will be in contact with you. We are excited for our time together!

Let's have FUN!!

Let's have FUN!!

Sarah has a gift and I will be always be grateful for her assisting me in my growth. Free to be me! Thanks Sarah!
— Susan Orneck, Palm Harbor, FL