Real Women. Real Stories.

Cheryl White Dunedin, Fl

When I came to Sarah, I was at a point in my life where I was tired of being a doormat and surprisingly, did not know who was looking back at me in the mirror. When did I get here?  How did I get here? I have always known what I want and gone after it.  This is when I learned about Sarah.  Could she help me?

From our first phone conversation, I knew I had made the right choice. As we worked together, I began to believe in myself again.  The true me began to emerge. Through her process, I have overcome my past, let go of addictions, and am ready to embrace life without fear.  Sarah helped me to find myself again, and I LOVE ME!

Lisa Gallaher Ashland, KY

When I worked with Sarah I was struggling within my marriage and was thinking of divorce (after years of an unhappy relationship). I felt bound and couldn't make a decision one way or the other. I was frozen and didn't like the person I'd become.  With Sarah's amazing tools and guidance, I was finally able to see things in a different light. She helped me to look within myself and find my personal happiness. The tools and guidance she gave me have stayed with me over the years, and will continue to be helpful the rest of my life.   I am now happier than ever and will forever be grateful to Sarah for helping me find my "spark"!! I will never live life the same way again.  Thank you, Sarah, for helping me find strength and clarity through my difficult situation, but mostly for helping me be able to live a more thoughtful and meaningful life.  I am forever grateful :)

Donna Tarpon Springs, FL

When I began working with you, I was internally struggling with my lack of self worth and my feeling that my purpose in life was to please others. I was having difficulty in relationships and allowing other’s thoughts and criticism to control my decisions.

Sarah helped me to let go of negatives from my past. She showed me ways to empower my thoughts, to accomplish my goals by feeling good about myself and that I was worthy of receiving love.

Now, I feel strong about myself. I can accomplish anything, have fun in relationships for I do not have to choose or settle. I have quit smoking. I am being the best me. 

I am a walking testimonial for your talents. After working with you, Sarah, I am more confident and comfortable in myself. I have seen and am letting go of the negative messages of my past. I am able to look back at the love I did receive, cherish those feelings, but let go and move forward to a healthier relationship. Most importantly I end my prayer time every morning saying:

 I am loved. I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am cherished. I am His. AND I believe them all!

Elizabeth St. Petersburg

When I started working with Sarah, I was not particularly secure in myself. I allowed myself to feel stress intensely. I lacked self confidence.

I worked with Sarah because I wanted to sleep better and to not feel so worried all the time when there was nothing really to worry about. By working with Sarah through conversations and exercises, I have been able to think more positively, feel more self-confident and to sleep a bit better.

I am still journaling and thoroughly enjoy the exercise. I like writing affirmations in the morning. These seem to often influence my day positively. I also like writing gratitudes at the end of the day. I have felt much more self confident, truly.

KR       St. Petersburg

When I came to see Sarah I was at the end of my rope with my career. I needed a change, fast! Once I started her program, change came immediately. Options that hadn't been considered became available and the change I was looking for was smooth and easy! I was given tools to help know myself better and appreciate all that I am. Even though I'm not completely certain what the future holds for me, I know more about where I want to go and who I am meant to be.

BG       St. Petersburg

Thank you, Sarah the Spark! You are quite amazing. I feel like we met for the first time yesterday. The weeks have flown by. I want you to know how great it feels to be me. It’s kind of odd that I wonder where I was? Who was running this life? You truly are love. You will be an amazing mother. You already know the way. I send you love and happiness, although I know you have them already! Thank you again.  

Leslie Treasure Island, FL

Literally I felt like I was missing a ‘spark’ in my life. There was a flatness (that has been around a long time!) and when I met Sarah during a weekend event I was drawn to SOMETHING that she appeared to have that I desired.

I loved Sarah’s ‘just the facts’ kind of mentality. (of course, she was also kind, funny and revealing of her own process—these were also helpful) Sarah offered a ‘program’ that seemed to vary based on her intuitive inferences as well as my needs.

I have tools (that I had before, just now in a more succinct package) to turn to when I get stuck or have difficulty finding the spark. Spark doesn’t mean perfection. It means constantly readjusting by going back to my SELF and doing my best to adore that person rather than making others adore me.

PS Santa Cruz, CA